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Your Local Greenville, TX Electrician. Our local technician is here to make sure your family and your home is safe.

When we were approached by one of our technicians about moving over an hour east from our main office in Mesquite, TX it wasn’t a conversation of departure. Here at 5th Generation Electric, we were excited about the opportunity to have one of our highly skilled electricians in a new market to better serve not only his neighors but also the citizens of Hunt County.

Our technicians go through weekly trainings to constantly fine tune not only our skill set but also ensuring that our team always has the most current information as well as safety requirements. When you call 5th Gen and schedule with one of our certified and licensed technicians you will always become more knowleadgable about the electrical system in your home. This will give you the tools to know what decisions work best for you and your family about making your homes electrical system safer.

Would you like us to come out to your neighorhood meeting or HOA meeting to answer questions about safety items or new code requirements in the electrical industry. Give our office a call at 214-728-1977 and we would be happy to schedule a date and time to meet you and your neighors. In most cases the owner Eddie Nichols will be doing the presentation as well as answering any questions. Not only does this give you access to the owner of the company but also the master electrician. With over 22 years of electrical experience Eddie and his team are highly trained to give you the most current safety requirements in the industry. With so much potential innacurate information floating around on the internet we are well trained in providing you facts as well as city requirements to make sure your repairs are done correctly.

How can 5th Generation Electric make your electrical expereince an informatave and educational experience.

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