Eddie Nichols

Owner/Master Electrician

Eddie started in the trade back in 2001 right out of high school. Started his first electrical job eager to learn and dedicated to always being available for anything new in the industry. He was quickly placed on larger projects where he was trained by veterans in the industry that have been there and back. Due to his eager attitude to learn he was given the opportunity for educational advancements. He enrolled in a very widely known and acknowledged electrical trade school, Independent Electrical Contractors. While there he gained hands on training on everything from how electricity is generated and works to how to wire up entire motor control centers. He graduating from IEC with a Journyman Electrical license back in 2007. After graduating he quickly enrolled into Masters prep courses in pursuit to gain a masters license. Through dedication he passed the masters exam to achieve the highest license that can be achieved in the electrical industry. He has shown dedication to doing the job right and making sure customers are always happy. Your truly getting an electrician that has a passion for the industry and takes pride in his work.